"Abuss Store"

Philosophy of History

W.H. Walsh
"Philosophy of History. An Introduction" (pdf, fragment)
"Truth and Fact in History Reconcidered"
"Plato and the Philosophy of History: History and Theory in the Republic"

E.H. Carr
"What is History?" (pdf, fragments)

(ed. by Robert A. Denemark)

THE WORLD SYSTEM. Five hundred years or five thousand?
(ed. by Andre Gunder Frank and Barry K. Gills)

Joseph A. Tainter "The Collapse of Complex Societies", parts 1 - 2.

C. Chase-Dunn, Th.D. Hall:
"Cross-World-System Comparasions: Similarities and Differences "
"Rise and Demise: Comparing world-systems" (part III_8)
Review book "The Collapse of Ancient States and Civilizations"

M. Melko
"The Nature of Civilization"

W. McNeil
"The Rise of the West After Twenty-Five Years "
"Fernand Braudel, Historian"

F. Ankersmit
"Historiography and Postmodernism"
"Historical Representation"
"Invitation to Historians"
"Representation as Representation of Experience"

H. White
"The Burden of History"
"Historicism, History, and the Figurative Imagination"
"The Content of the Form" (pdf, fragments)
"Tropics of Discours" (pdf, fragments)

M. Hobart
"The Paradox of Historical Constructionism"

J. Passmore
"Narratives and Events"

A. Reynolds
"What is Historicism?"

D. Wilkinson
"Civilizations are World Systems!"

R. Carneiro
"A Theory of the Origine of the State"

D. La Capra
"History and Reading": Introduction
"History and Reading"
(pdf, fragments)
Rethinkig Intellektual History and Reading Texts

A. Danto
Why We Need Fiction: An Interview with Arthur C. Danto
"Narrative Sentences"

John E. Toews
Intellectual History after the Linguistic Turn: The Autonomy of Meaning and the Irreducibility of Experience

F. Braudel
"History of Civilizations" (pdf, fragment)

R. Berkhofer
"Beyond the Great Story" (pdf, fragments)

R. Rosenstone
"A History of What Has Not Yet Happened"

J. Rusen
"Historical Narration: Foundation, Types, Reason"
"Mourning by History - Ideas of a New Element in Historical Thinking "

D. Carr
"Narrative and the Real World: An Argument for Continuity "

A. Megill
"Recounting the Past: "Description," Explanation, and Narrative in Historiography "

"Jorn Rusen's Theory of Historiography between Modernism and Rhetoric of Inquiry "
"Foucault, Structuralism, and the Ends of History "

K. Jenkins
On "What is History?
"Introduction: History, Theory, Ideology + Chapter 1: History Today"
"Chapter 2: On E.H. Carr"

J.-L. Nancy
"The Creation of the World of Globalization"

Gavriel Shapiro
"Delicate Markers Subtexts in Vladimir Nabokov's Invitation to a Beheading "

Pekka Tammi
"Russian Subtexts in Nabokov's Fiction"

Priscilla Meyer
"Dolorous Haze, Hazel Shade: Nabokov and the Spirits"

S.Best The Politics of Historical Vision
1 (Preface), 2 (Marx), 3 (Foucault), 4 (Habermas), 5 (History as Critical Theory),